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Everything has been set in motion for production of the first solid newgrounds flash movie. So far it has been decided that we will start off with a teaser trailer to a series in development. I hope not to say anything else about it until the teaser has been released. So, stick around for.....I am talking like millions are watching.....What the hell am I doing? I just got here! Oh well....whoever is reading....stay tuned!

The Beginning!

2009-01-07 18:08:52 by HomocideEntrepreneur

Ok, so here I am getting things started on my flash work. Pretty exciting, I hope that I dont disappoint the majority here. That would suck. Even though I just got on here, I recently made a list of movies I wanted to try and make, I think alot of people would enjoy them. So, welcome Nick to the world of Newgrounds. *Tosses a handful of confetti into the air* Dont fuck up.

Oh and I know it is a bit late for this but Happy Holidays!

The Beginning!